4 Steps to a Successful Marketing Automation Campaign

Many businesses are turning to marketing automation because it provides a range of data and tools that will increase the efficiency of running a business. Simple tasks, like follow up emails and announcement distribution, will be automatically pushed out to clients, leaving your team with more time to focus on tasks that cannot be automated, like content creation, advertising campaign development, and competitive analyses. The information collected throughout the marketing automation process will empower your team to make solid, data-driven decisions in real time, which will ensure that you are maximizing your marketing spend. 

Identify anonymous website visitors

Some marketing automation tools will allow you to see which businesses are on your site, how often they visit, and what pages they check out. Knowing who is visiting your website is a great way to drive your leads through the sales funnel, and provides an easy conversation point for sales staff when making a sales call. By tracking these anonymous web visitors, you will identify potential customers that are looking for the services that you may never have considered as a viable lead in the past. 

Pro Tip: This feature has the potential to come off as creepy if not used properly. Make sure you give the user some time before contacting them and use your judgment as to whether you should mention you know that they visited the site. If you're selling marketing automation services, then do it! It'll support your sales pitch. If not, trust your gut with how to approach the conversation.

Track lead behaviour and activity

This is one of the most important elements of marketing automation because without this data you can't accurately make decisions regarding the efficacy of your campaigns. Tracking lead activity could include syncing your emails with your marketing automation system, creating newsletters and landing pages that link up with your automation tool, and keeping notes on client profiles of any offline meetings that you may have with them. 

Pro Tip: Make sure your chosen automation tool has the ability to link up to your CRM, website, email, and any other digital tool that you may use to communicate with your clients. This ensures that all of your data is in one place, making it easier for you to analyze it and make informed decisions.

Deliver behaviour-based messages and content to nurture leads

Each of your leads will interact with your website and communications differently. Some may read every newsletter you send, others may only respond when the message content aligns with their interests. Still, others may prefer communication be limited to a few personalized and targeted emails a month. Once you've tracked the behaviour of your leads, you can match their communication style to nurture the relationship and win their business. 

Pro Tip: Always make sure to double-check your messages before sending--spelling errors, typos, or using the wrong name can sink your marketing campaign before it even has a chance. Also make sure that you check that your targeted message is being delivered to the right list, or else you risk having your messages marked as spam or having leads unsubscribe from your communications all together!

Optimise and prove marketing ROI

With all of the data that you are collecting through marketing automation, you should be spoiled for choices as to how you can improve upon an already successful campaign. Because automation tools link up to CRMs, it's easier than ever to prove the ROI of your campaigns by following the lead from the first contact through to the delivery of the product or service they purchased.

Pro Tip: Struggling with a smaller marketing budget than you had hoped? Many executives are willing to increase your marketing budget when you can show them how much revenue your work has brought in!

Marketing automation is not a tool that you can set and forget; it requires patience, time, and creativity in order to make it successful for your business. Sometimes you just don't have time resources to run your own automation campaigns--that's where Wonderland Media can help! Contact us today to get started.