We've Got a New Look & Feel!

One of the things that I counsel my clients on is the need to reassess how they present themselves to the world on a regular basis. I am my own worst client because I haven't thought about the branding for Wonderland Media in over three years, and it was high time that I practiced what I preach! 

The original branding for Wonderland Media was born from the mind of a mid-twenties entrepreneur with stars in her eyes: pinks, greens, calligraphic font mixed with a sans serif, and flowery imagery. As I've grown and changed as a person, and as a business owner, I came to realize that this branding really did portray the Wonderland Media brand very well. Rather than a few tweaks, I went for a full brand overhaul. 

The new branding is modern and sleek; its simplicity lies in its monochromatic colour scheme and single font choice. 

Final Branding-100.jpg

The logo design is simple, and a complementary brand mark was created for use in social media, photo watermarks, and anything else that requires a small, but distinctive, branding. 

Wonderland Media Branding Inspiration
Wonderland Media Branding Inspiration 2

The colours and feel of the brand were pulled from two stock photos that feature prominently throughout the website and the marketing materials. Soft textures, natural elements, and a bold monochromatic colour scheme ensures that the focus is on the content, rather than a fancy logo. 

When it came to the website redesign, I decided to keep the site as simple as possible--three pages and a blog, to be exact. This may grow and change over time, but for now I wanted the blog content to be the main focus of the site, since it houses the most up-to-date information. 

The social application of the branding is simply an extension of the website look and feel. This creates consistency across all platforms, and will ensure that people can easily identify the Wonderland Media brand no matter where they are. 

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