The Dog Collection for Casetify is Here!

STUFFxWonderland Dog Phone Case Collection for Casetify on Wonderland Media Blog
STUFFxWonderland Dog Phone Case Collection for Casetify on Wonderland Media Blog

There are so many things that are happening in 2017 that I am excited for, but sharing some of the really neat designs that I've been hoarding is at the top of the list! Starting the year off with a bang is the official launch of my new collection for Casetify!

Starring pretty pooches, lovely floral elements, and taking advantage of their high-quality transparent case designs, the Dog Collection has been a passion project for the past few months for me.  So far there are FIFTEENcases available, and even more will be going up over the next few days! Currently, the breeds represented are:

Beagle Boston Terrier (both plain and with florals!) ChihuahuaDoberman French Bulldog (both plain and with florals!) Italian Greyhound (both plain and with florals!) HuskyLabrador/Golden RetrieverPapillion Pitbull (two designs--one black and white, one brown) Pug

More breeds will be coming, including Westies (naturally!), and by this time next week all of the breed cases will have a floral option available as well! Make sure you're following us on Instagram so that you don't miss out on new launches, sweet sales, and surprise giveaways!

Did I miss your favourite breed? Let me know in the comments!

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