Love the Space You're In

No matter which field you work in, professional envy is a thing, and it can rear its ugly head in infinite different ways. It's tricky, and it usually creeps up on you with zero notice. For me, it showed up as extreme office envy.

I live in a condo downtown, so the fact that I have an entire room dedicated to being my studio is incredibly fortuitous. I have a room where I can practice yoga, paint, create, or just use as an escape from the busyness of life.

Of course, there is a but coming. But. I don't own a proper desk, so instead I have an end table to put my computer on--and I sit on the floor. My monitor is propped up on yoga blocks, and there is nowhere to put my printer so it stays in the living room until I need it. Not exactly an inspiring place to work from...

Curse Instagram and Pinterest for perpetuating the idea of perfection and curation, and curse me for falling prey to the green goblin that is envy! For so long, I would look at the incredible spaces that others have built and shame myself for not having a beautifully designed den from which to work.

But envy no more. I keep reminding myself that it's a start. Every small business has a humble beginning, and this is mine. The room is a blank canvas, and it's my blank canvas. One day I'll have my dream office to work out of, and I'll appreciate it all the more for the wait.