Google Analytics Series: The Beginning

Having a website for your business is key in today's world; the majority of the population will search online for contact information, product specifications, and other information about your company or industry. In order to ensure that your website is efficiently providing the public with quality information, you have to understand how people interact with your site. The best way to monitor your website is with Analytics software. This is a piece of code that sits on your site and gathers information about how visitors use your site. This will tell you if your blog posts are effective, how many people abandoned forms or shopping carts before completing the action, and how people are finding your site. Personally, I prefer to use Google Analytics for all of the sites that I build and manage. It's an incredibly powerful (and free!) tool that can be quickly and easily set up for any website. Best of all, I can use one profile to monitor multiple sites at a time--no switching accounts or remembering additional logins!

everything you need to know about google analytics by wonderland media

Ensuring that your website has Google Analytics installed is important, but understanding and using the data that it harvests is the best way to analyze how your website is functioning. It is important to note that Google Analytics will not gather or store personal information; all information gathered is for analysis only, and is anonymized by Analytics. 

Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll be sharing with you how to analyze and interpret the data that can be found in Google Analytics. If you haven't set up Analytics on your site yet, or if you need help, Google has an excellent walk-through for installation support. Having access to an Analytics account will help immensely throughout this series!

Join me on Monday when we start with the basics!

Each week a new tutorial will be posted, and links will be added below so that you can jump around between them.

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