Freebie Friday: Phone Backgrounds

As Valentine's Day draws nearer, the world becomes less and less enchanted with the holiday. This is entirely understandable, considering the V-Day merch was out before Christmas was even boxed up in the stores. It's a commercial holiday through-and-through, and the amount of pressure put on couples to have a magical day is oppressive and stressful. And yet, I still love it. I am the kind of person than will lavish love on friends and family on any day of the year, but I love the cheesiness of having a day specifically designated for saying "I love you". Does this make me a huge sap? Yep. Does that bug me? Not in the least. Now, I'm well aware that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for Valentine's Day. As a result, I've decided to split my V-Day Freebie Friday down the middle: I have a phone background for the lovers, and the haters.

F the Haters phone background by Wonderland Media

As You Wish phone background by Wonderland Media

I hope all of you lovelies have a wonderful V-Day, and that you spend it in a way that makes you happiest! Me? I'll be drinking wine and reading a fantastic book.