Freebie Friday: Branding Workbook

On Tuesday I promised freebies, so today I am delivering on that promise! Today is the first official "Freebie Friday" for Wonderland Media, and we are kicking this off with style--branding style, that is. On my quest to establish my own branding guidelines, I scoured the web for resources. I checked out blogs, e-books, and Pinterest for any and all tips and tricks that I could find. After days of searching, and much disappointment, I decided to create the branding workbook that I was so desperately searching for.

Branding Workbook by Wonderland Media

I am a very visual person, so I wanted a guide that would allow room for a physical inspiration board. As I wrote the questions, I really thought about all of the things that go into creating an appealing brand--it needs to be visually enticing, flow well with your product or service offering, and evoke some sort of emotion in the viewer.

For Wonderland Media I chose a feminine aesthetic centered around the cursive font, magenta colors, and simple but modern photography. I married that with an earthy green and a rounded serif font that is both legible and beautiful. In the end, I was able to bring to life a brand that had been swirling in my head for months--it just took a few exercises to make it a reality!

The guide itself follows the same branding guidelines that I established for Wonderland Media, and the photos that I chose for the covers enhance the overarching feeling of femininity. As I develop more of my own marketing materials and practical guides, I will draw on the answers in my own Branding Workbook to ensure that my guidelines are always being followed.

Download your own Branding Workbook, and then share in the comments your journey through planning your brand!