Content Generation

Content is consumed online at a rapid pace, with the life of a single Tweet lasting an hour on average. We will develop a customized plan to ensure that your content is reaching the right person when they need it most. We offer content generation services for digital and traditional uses, and we specialize in creating whitepapers and blog posts that can be shared hundreds of times for as long as they are relevant. This maximizes your content marketing budget and creates high-quality content for your site.

Services include:

social media content scheduling
website content pages & blog posts
press releases
technical writing for RFP responses
award submission packages
advertorials for online & print
content for marketing collateral
editing services for procedure manuals

Crisis Management

An ex-employee’s negative review of your company goes viral, a social media post goes horribly wrong, or your business is in hot water with the newspapers–these are the unthinkable issues that can take your company by surprise. Dealing with a publicity nightmare can be difficult when you are an employee or executive; the best thing that you can do is to bring in an unbiased and experienced publicist to help craft your game plan and get your brand back on track. Let us take care of the hard part, while you deal with the internal repercussions of your crisis.

Event Publicity

We understand that the success of your event comes down to whether or not the right people attend it and talk about it. Let us help you make your next event a smashing success!

Services available are:

pre-event publicity
day-of coordination
social media event coverage

Social Media

Overwhelmed by the world of social media, or just want to focus on your making your business profitable? We can handle your accounts, from posting relevant content to dealing with those pesky trolls that target your brand online.If you need help crafting a branded online persona for your business, or even creating social content calendars–social media is our #1 jam.

Services Include:

Social media management
Social media marketing
Content creation & scheduling
Reputation management



Media Training

Dealing with the media can be intimidating, but that’s why we are here! We can help you develop a sound media communications plan, and teach you how to feel comfortable and at ease in front of a camera or microphone! Your comfort is the key factor in ensuring that your message will be told your way–even in a tough interview!

Social Media Training

It’s hard to ignore the fact that social media has revolutionised the way that brands interact with their customers, but not everyone knows how to harness the power of social platforms. Wonderland Media has comprehensive training seminars to teach you and your colleagues how to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Pin, and LinkedIn your way to a branded social experience for your company.

We can tailor each of our courses to the needs of your business, and every seminar includes an information session about the CASL privacy laws and how it will affect your online strategy.