Some Exciting Changes!

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Doesn’t it just feel like changes are a double-edged sword? I am so excited to announce that I will be taking on a full-time communications role with a company in the educational sector! This role came at a perfect time for me because it will allow me to focus on and really hone my writing skills. Writing has always been a passion of mine, so to have a chance to do it every day on salary is very exciting. This means I won’t have to take $35-per-post jobs from freelance sites, it means a steady and guaranteed income for my family, and it means that I get to explore an industry that I am passionate about–continuing education for adults.

This does mean, however, that the way that Wonderland Media operates will be changing rapidly in the coming weeks–but we aren’t closing our doors! Wonderland Media will still be taking on ad-hoc projects and new clients, it just means that the time available for these projects will be more limited than it has been in the past. For any larger projects you may have for us, I have built up a network of trusted professionals that can step in and work through anything that I am personally unavailable to do– and it will still be guaranteed to be the best work possible by Wonderland Media.

I truly believe that every business in Alberta can benefit from expert marketing skills and advice to help grow their business, and Wonderland Media will always fill that role in the Alberta market! But times are changing, and so must we.

Wonderland Media is a digital media agency located in Edmonton, Alberta that specialises in social media marketing, public relations, digital marketing, branding, and graphic design. Owner and creative director Ashley Fisher puts her decade of experience with marketing, design, and writing to good use by guiding small businesses and bloggers through the digital marketing quagmire.

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